Flagship Species: The Black Harrier
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It is estimated that less than 100 Black Harriers are protected within formally conserved areas and that outside of these protected areas, the birds are reliant on remnant patches of natural vegetation, feeding in agricultural landscapes. As the worlds most range restricted continental harrier with an estimated global population of between 500 and 1000 breeding pairs, they are a southern … Read More

Endemic Bird Species Hot Spots
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  Falling within the heart of the globes smallest floral kingdom, the Cape Peninsula is host to 40 of South Africa’s 160 endemic bird species. The area is not known for its quantity of birds but rather its quality and although there are around 300 bird species having been recorded on the peninsula, the majority are waterbirds or seabirds that … Read More

The Cape Floristic Kingdom
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The Cape Floristic Kingdom (CFK) is located in the southern tip of South Africa and stretches from Niewoudville in the north across to Port Elizabeth in the east. Oceans bound it to the south and west and the arid Karoo to the north and east. It covers only 90 000 square kilometers, but contains the highest diversity of plant life … Read More

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